Gradleware Services

From one-day assessments to long-term consulting engagements, Gradleware's services are here to help accelerate your adoption and implementation of build automation and continuous delivery systems based on the Gradle platform.   Our experts have experience working on the most complex builds in the industry, we understand build complexity and can help you create build automation and continuous delivery pipelines that can scale to meet the most complex requirements.

Our assessments are designed to produce tangible results and recommendations.  The goal of our assessments is to identify and address risks and opportunities in your build and application lifecycle.  Here are just some of the assessment services Gradleware offers:

Migrating to Gradle?   Moving an entire organization from one build system to another?  Our remote and on-site consultants can help you accelerate a migration or implement custom build requirements.   Here is a sample of some of the services offered by Gradleware Consulting:

At the core of our organization is an engineering team dedicated to the Gradle open source project.   If you need a custom feature implemented to support your unique requirements, our team of engineers can build and deliver custom Gradle distributions and custom Gradle plugins.   Gradleware can also prioritize the development of features in our open source offering based on your requirements.

  • Priority Open Source Development
  • Custom Gradle Distribution
  • Custom Gradle Plugins
  • Customized Tool Integration