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Hans is the founder of Gradle and Gradleware. Hans has 13 years of experience as a software developer, team leader, architect, trainer, and technical mentor in vast array of industry sectors such as automotive, finance, public transport and business intelligence. Hans is a thought leader in the field of project automation and has successfully been in charge of numerous large-scale enterprise builds. He is also an advocate of Domain Driven Design, having taught classes and delivered presentations on this topic together with Eric Evans. In the earlier days, Hans was also a committer for the JBoss project and founded the JBoss-IDE.

Hans holds a Diploma in Physics with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Goettingen, Germany.

Adam Murdoch

Co-Founder and VP of Engineering

Adam's vast interests include build and deployment automation, automated software quality systems, web applications, networking, security projects, and software development process improvement. Building software since 1993, he has held technical leadership positions in Australia, the UK, and the US, and served as the architect for IntraVerse Product Suite (now IBM's Tivoli Access Manager), and as a consultant for Thoughtworks.

Adam is a keen supporter of the open source movement. He has committed to the Apache Ant project, and is the original author of the Apache Commons VFS project. He has also contributed to a number of other open source projects, including providing the name for the Ehcache project.

An early adopter and contributor to Gradle, Adam is now a core Gradle developer and expert. Adam's role at Gradle Inc. includes working with the community and Gradleware clients to help leverage the Gradle tool, improving software quality and simplifying application development and deployment.

Peter brings to Gradleware more than 20 years experience as a software developer and enterprise architect in the engineering and financial technology sectors. From 1998 to 2012, he worked at Goldman Sachs, most recently as the CTO of the GS Application Practices Group. In this role, he delivered an integrated development platform for firm-wide usage that satisfied audit and regulatory controls for GS software development. A strong advocate of project automation and agile, lean, and TDD techniques, Peter has committed code to open source projects, such as Fitnesse. He previously taught TDD classes at Goldman Sachs.

A graduate of the University of Birmingham in England, Peter holds a master’s degree in manufacturing engineering and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He lives outside of New York City with his family.

Rolf has a vast history in management and operational systems, and over the course of his 15 years of experience, has been a CPA for Deloitte & Touche and CEO for a number of companies in Germany. He is currently employed as a management consultant at RolfsPartner.

Assists Gradleware in all matters of legal issues, taxes, and business strategies, Rolf ensures an entirely smooth and secure process for everyone involved.

Rolf holds a Diploma in Industrial Engineering from the University of Kaiserslautern as well as a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Trier and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Heiko Möhring

Business Director

As the Business Director, Heiko works to optimize & automate operations. He holds a diploma in computer science and business as well as a MBA in entrepreneurship and finance.

Before working for Gradleware, he has worked as a business consultant and has helped small and medium sized businesses to regain and increase their economic success. He also has a deep understanding of large-scale enterprise-IT, as he has worked many years in the IT-Department of a major German retail company.

Daz DeBoer

Principal Engineer

With a passion for creating simple, effective software, Daz has been developing enterprise applications for over 15 years. Through his experience leading teams on enterprise-scale projects, he is keenly aware of the pain that can result from long build times and lack of project automation. As such, he is excited to be involved in Gradle, which allows him to simplify his builds without sacrificing control, and allows developers to concentrate on what's important.

Over the years, Daz has been a passionate user and active contributor to an array of open source projects. He has been a committer on Apache Ant, as well as the Apache James mail server. While at ThoughtWorks, Daz assisted with much of the initial JavaScript development for the Selenium testing tool, helping to take it from an internal tool to a wider audience.

Luke Daley

Principal Engineer

Luke Daley is an energetic software craftsman, driven to make developer's lives better by building elegant and empowering tools and libraries. From the early days of his career Luke has been pushing the boundaries of project automation on projects small and large. His penchant for getting things done without compromising on quality naturally attracted him to Gradle and the Gradle community. Luke is passionate about helping teams make sure they are getting everything they can from their tools and builds, and fostering collaborative technical communities around innovative and effective technology.

A long time member of the Groovy open source community, he has created and contributed to many plugins for the Grails web framework as well as being a regular committer to the framework itself. Recently Luke has been working on bringing rapid productivity to web functional and acceptance testing by creating the Geb project.

Szczepan Faber

Principal Engineer

Szczepan Faber is a software craftsman professionally involved in IT since early 2000. He worked for Thoughtworks UK helping companies to build enterprise software using XP methods. He was a team leader and an agile coach for Sabre Holdings where he relentlessly pushed teams for more agility, effective processes and state-of-art development environment. Szczepan specializes in an enterprise project automation, developer tools and agile engineering practices. His passion for agile testing and TDD led him to author or contribute to numerous open source tools in programming languages ranging from Groovy, Java, JavaScript to Flex or Python.

Szczepan is a founder of Mockito framework, a popular mocking library that augments Test Driven Development. Szczepan has been speaking at international conferences and delivered various trainings on agile programming techniques and project automation.

Peter Niederwieser

Principal Engineer

Peter Niederwieser is a computer language enthusiast from Austria who has been using Java since the early days. Peter's work experience ranges from small start-ups to large enterprises like Siemens. His passion for software quality and continuous delivery invariably leads him to take the build master role on new projects, pushing project automation as far as he can. It also lead him to create Spock, an innovation-packed developer testing framework that is seeing increasing adoption around the globe.

Peter is an active member of the Groovy community, and can't sleep without his daily dose of Scala. When Peter isn't coding, you can find him speaking at conferences around the world, or pondering over a chess board.

Rene Groeschke

Principal Engineer

René has more than seven years experience in developing software for the enterprise and and defence industry, both nationally and internationally. He regularly shares his passion and experience with bachelor students of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in germany, lecturing on development methodologies and software craftsmanship.

Supporting Gradle and the Gradle community by providing plugins, patches, screencasts and talks since the early days, René has turned his hobby into his occupation and is now part of the core developer team. When he's not working on Gradle, he's contributing to other open source projects such as Macports or Griffon. From time to time he's putting his notebook aside for traveling, riding his motorcycle or to go for a jog.

Brigitte Schuckert

Executive Assistant

As Executive Assistant Brigitte supports Gradleware in organizational and administrative matters to ensure operation is running smoothly for everyone involved. Furthermore she is engaged in issues concerning the business strategy of Gradleware.

Brigitte holds a Diploma in business economics of university of applied sciences Würzburg and is a qualified tax advisor assistant. During her work for international consultant companies Brigitte gained broad business experiences.

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